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Violet is an avid reader and writer, trying to navigate through their twenties one word at a time. She enjoys writing about books, mental health, feminism & politics.

I saw this wonderful idea from Zulie Rane and Danny Forest, so I thought I would make my own too — and I would encourage everyone to do so too!

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Don’t let the hype overlook what is a demanding and overambitious third book from Hanya Yanagihara

Image taken by the author

When I first heard the news that Hanya Yanagihara was publishing a new book, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a proof copy.

It was a thing of beauty when it arrived, the cover so appealing and the book so weighty and dense in my hand. I couldn’t…

What if the most wonderful time of the year isn't so wonderful?

Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst

Although we all love the picturesque movie-style scenes of dressed up houses, blankets of snow, piles of presents and families and friends gathered together laughing, Christmas isn't always fun for everyone.

Last year, as we were all battling through the worst of the pandemic, restrictions were in place for many…

Violet Daniels

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