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Navigating the world one word (and book!) at a time | Top writer in books & reading | 📧

Violet is an avid reader and writer, trying to navigate through their twenties one word at a time. She enjoys writing about books, mental health, feminism & politics.

I saw this wonderful idea from Zulie Rane and Danny Forest, so I thought I would make my own too — and I would encourage everyone to do so too!

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And what it can do for your writing

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Travelling on a packed commuter train during a pandemic isn't my idea of fun. So after a year without having to be jammed in a confined space with a stranger half on my lap, it came as a shock when I experienced the reality of a packed train once again.

The stories we are looking for throughout October, November and December 2021

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Calling all writers!

I hope you are enjoying the seasonal changes (if you live in the Northern hemisphere, that is) and managing to cosy up inside with a book and your favourite beverage to accompany you. …

Implementing these small changes may help you get out of a creative slump

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If you’re in any way serious about writing, chances are you’ll want to do as much of it as possible. But often, life can get in the way, especially if you are trying to build a writing career alongside a day job or other commitments. …

We need to know ourselves to improve our relationships with other people.

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Last week I overheard a conversation whilst I was trying to write in a coffee shop. The girl was talking loudly on the phone, trying to convince a friend to come into college the next day because another friend of their's would be alone 'all day' if she didn't.


And why you probably should too

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My younger self used to think reading more than one book at the same time was a crime. I also used to think turning down pages or annotating books was one of the worst habits you could adopt.

Nowadays, I'm far more liberal—although the thought of switching between two books…

Sometimes overhyped writers aren't worth it, but in this case, they are — reading 'Beautiful World, Where Are You' confirmed this

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Anyone remotely bookish has heard of Normal People. At its core, the story follows a 'will they won't they' coming of age relationship between two teenagers, set in Ireland. At face value, it appears to be nothing out of the ordinary.

Suddenly, by April 2020, as England and much of…

There's always time for reading, you've just got to prioritise it

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Reading is a time-consuming activity. But do you know what else is? Scrolling on your phone. Eating. Sleeping. Exercising. For most of us, those are non-negotiable for living a healthy life.

However, many non-readers or struggling readers view spending time with a book as a luxury. A habit they can't…

A message for current and potential writers

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Hello writers,

It’s been another busy month where we have received more and more submissions and writer requests every day. It’s lovely to see but proving quite hard to manage.

Not a lot of people know this, but every writer request has to be processed manually. …

Reads that pack a punch for 300 pages or less

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A customer at work told me he didn’t have the time to read. But if he didn’t have kids, he probably would. His companion, who he was having coffee with, then asked,

“Don’t you read before you go to bed?”

Violet Daniels

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