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Violet is an avid reader and writer, trying to navigate through their twenties one word at a time. She enjoys writing about books, mental health, feminism & politics.

I saw this wonderful idea from Zulie Rane and Danny Forest, so I thought I would make my own too — and I would encourage everyone to do so too!

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A short love letter to books, bookshops and reading

Photo by Avelino Calvar Martinez from Burst

Books are lovely to look at. They make the perfect addition to any room and have filled the Zoom backgrounds of important people during television appearances during the pandemic.

Aside from being an inanimate object symbolising wonder and curiosity, they have provided many of us with comfort throughout this challenging…

Nobody should be told how to consume your work

Image provided by Wikimedia Commons

Everyone is talking about Adele. Whether it's glorifying her weight loss or the highly anticipated release of her new album, 30. The highly successful British artist has recently gained even more attention due to her recent battle with Spotify — the music streaming platform.

Adele, ahead of her latest release…

Complaining about your chosen platform is counterproductive, instead, ask yourself the following questions

Woman sitting down, writing in a notebook with a pen
Photo by Laura BC from Burst

There’s an elephant in the room. People are complaining about a *certain* platform being dead. People are also worried because the most *successful* people are leaving. People are starting to jump ship, and everywhere I turn, doomsday for writers of this platform is being predicted.

I've seen plenty of this…

A reflective review of 'Revolutionary Russia' by Orlando Figes

Photo by Tengyart on Unsplash

I studied history at an academic level for three years. But during that time, I never learnt a lot about Soviet Russia. In the years that followed my degree, I could barely stomach the energy to even look at a history book, let alone pick one up.

It wasn't because…

Violet Daniels

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